We provide exterior, interior, coil or any combination of systems for any HVAC equipment for the purpose of extending the life of your expensive HVAC equipment.


An economical alternative in comparison to making coils out of special metals for highly corrosive environments. Aluminum fin coils coated in a corrosion protection coating is more economical than making the coil from copper and other expensive metals. This coating will also protect the unit from cleaning agents. The process is a spray on wet coating that is baked afterwards for full cure. Metal Cladding’s unique pre-treatment processing to your product provides the best adhesion to the coil resulting in the best performance.

Coil Treatment – Our trained personnel applying Heresite coating onsite.

  • Reduces corrosive gas degeneration.
  • Extends life of the coil or unit.
  • Coatings do not hinder the products performance.

Imported NEW Heresite coated Coil – direct from factory.