Developed for Performance and Reliability

Xaerus is committed to delivering superior refrigeration lubrication products to the market with high velocity that create value for our customers. This is achieved through a continuing program of product innovation and a constant quest for perfection throughout the entire production process.

With years of accumulated experience, Xaerus refrigeration compressor lubricants are developed to meet the requirements in all makes of refrigeration compressors.


Lubricant analysis has become recognized as a critical component of any plant maintenance program. Xaerus Laboratory services have expanded to include state of the art analytical instrumentation to analyze the condition and performance of most any lubricant. We can design private label programs for OEMS or customers. Available tests are detailed below.

Xaerus chemists and engineers receive input from our customers regarding their application, lubricant and goals of their oil analysis program. Based on this input, Xaerus recommends meaningful tests, lubricant property limits, and oil analysis intervals. Customers send oil samples for testing. When the oil analysis results are received, Xaerus comments on the results of the tests.

When troubleshooting is required, Xaerus provides advice to customers regarding recommended actions that need to be taken to correct the issue. Xaerus receives input on the results of these actions and modify oil recommendations and oil analysis intervals accordingly. 


Xaerus has a complete offering of Group II, Group III and synthetic based lubricating fluids and greases designed to perform in the most demanding operating systems and environments. Our contemporary knowledge of high performance basestocks and additive systems is the base upon which we develop some of the most advanced lubricants available- anywhere.

Applications include:

  • Gas / Steam Turbine Oils
  • Heavy Duty Gears
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Tenter / Oven / Freezer Chains
  • Specialty Grease
  • Particle Board Presses

Xaerus Performance Fluids are formulated specifically for each application to provide maximum equipment and lubricant life. Xaerus knowledge of formulating lubricants allows us to solve problems in the field with emphasis on minimizing downtime.


Xaerus Chemists and Engineers are recognized globally as experts in development and application of the most advanced and reliable compressor lubricants by compressor OEMs and design engineers. This industry knowledge and experience supported with World Class application engineering and technical service make Xaerus the logical choice for factory fill and aftermarket supply.

Our products cover all compressor types ( rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating and centrifugal ). 

Expertise includes compressors in the following markets:

Air Compressors / Blowers

Hydrocarbon Gas Compressors

– Natural gas gathering / transmission

– Refinery / Vapor Recovery

– Refrigeration- Turbine Feed Gas

– Landfill / Digester Gas

Process Gas Compressors

– Inert: nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide

– Reactive: hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, methyl chloride

– Hydrocarbon: Ethylene, Propylene, Butylene, Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane…

Vacuum Pumps


Refrigeration Compressor Lubrication requires the highest quality raw materials and formulation expertise to assure proper lubrication over the lubricant life required by OEMs. Xaerus has partnered with industry experts in the field of physical and analytical chemistry to develop, test and qualify our lubricants that meet or exceed the industry standards required. You can be assured all Xaerus fluids will perform in any and all commercial systems, in all compressor types and brands. We can even develop something new if required.

Applications include:

  • Ammonia
  • R-22 Industrial Chillers / Air Conditioning
  • R-123
  • CO2 : Hydrocarbons, Ethane, Ethylene, Propane, Propylene, Butane
  • R-134a
  • R-404A
  • R-407C
  • R-410A
  • R-502
  • R-32
  • R-1234yf
  • R-1234ze
  • R-245fa


All Xaerus manufacturing procedures, resources and materials are selected for extended life and recyclability or biodegradability. Our formulators are conscious of the hazards to humans and the environment that can be caused if lubricants are not designed, produced or applied properly. We are dedicated to produce non-toxic, non-hazardous long life fluids required to preserve the health of people and our planet.

Extended service life is inherent to our products. This results in reduced replacement, disposal and transportation costs and the waste of resources associated with each.

We are proud of our Zero Emissions plant that results from our proprietary manufacturing methods and procedures incorporated to produce our products. All packaged materials we use are recycled locally or re-used whenever possible. 

Our Corporate Office has recently been retrofitted with energy saving fixtures and motion sensing devices to manage lighting. Our state of the art Cloud Computing minimizes the need for computer equipment that often needs replacement and our staff often work remotely to save time and reduce travel.


Xaerus Performance Fluids International Inc. is dedicated to supplying the highest quality industrial lubricants and engineering services that meet the requirements of our customers.

The Corporation will accomplish this goal by providing innovation to the market place, pursuing the highest standards of ethical behavior, and through training employees of the procedures associated with the quality management system. Furthermore, Xaerus is dedicated to the continual improvement of the quality management system; ensuring customer needs and requirements are met.

The pursuit and implementation of this model will secure Xaerus as a leader of innovation within the market place and will create novelty for the brand.

Xaerus in committed to provide the highest quality specialty products possible. All raw materials are carefully tested during development to assure their consistency and quality meet our standards for many specialized applications.

In house QC, backed up by Third Party laboratories assure our quality is never compromised.

Our modern manufacturing facility features dedicated stainless steel blend systems to eliminate cross contamination of fluids.

Our Quality System is based on decades of experience in the design, manufacture and packaging of high performance products for applications that require long life and protection to multi-million dollar systems.

Our customers are encouraged to visit us for a tour and we welcome any opportunity to assist with a quality audit.